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chipperlane and associates
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Chipperlane was originally founded in 2003 by Patrick Tierney when he turned his lifelong love of furniture restoration into a professional service. Although it is still in development,Patrick has turned Chipperlane into a consortium of associates that through their individual skills can produce many feats of restoration in various guises.
Sapphirewoodcrafts  was founded by David Brown in 2004. David makes bespoke jewellery boxes to his own designs ,veneers them and creates his own marquetry and parquetry patterns.
Patrick and David collaborate on joint commissions where there is a particular need for both their skills. For example if a broken table comes in, Patrick effects the repair while David assists with finishing and any inlay work that may be required. Although at present we are the only occupants of our shops, we do have many associates who work with us.

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We have at our disposal a specialised locksmith who not only makes keys for antique locks but will restore  most locks whether they have a key or not.

Our glazing colleague undertakes all manner of glazing including stained glass.


Also at our disposal is the services of a fine upholsterer who handles all types of upholstering tasks.

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